A man has got to have a balance in life. He has to find the Dao within himself. I’ve spoken before about innate knowledge that some people have to varying degrees. The ability to understand and accept the duality of life and the flow of good and bad karma was one of those things that I just understood from a young age. I’m not generally regarded as the brightest of bulbs in my circle but I have a grasp of some sort of esoteric wisdom about the cosmos that helped me deal with my shit pretty well once I discovered the trick to it. Probably a good thing or I would’ve tried to suck start my dads .45 by the time I was 16. Not to say my life has been terrible. I would say I’ve had a pretty balanced life, and I think it’s also a major matter of perspective on how shitty your life is. You’ve got guys with one leg saying, “Things could be worse” and people who bitch about the power going out for a few hours. All things are subjective if you get down to it. I mean you could go down the rabbit hole of solipsism (look it up) if you want to argue about perception and reality but hey I don’t give a rats’ last fuck what you want to philosophize about. All respect to you of course. I should be coming back to edit this eventually my posts manage to talk a lot without actually saying anything I just like to flow like this.

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