Downsizing (?)

It seems to me that the things that I find the coolest or the most useful, have to either do with efficiency or entertainment or enlightenment. It starts with efficiency. There are so many fucking wastes of time it baffles me how humanity even gets anything done as a species. Unless of course its because most people take care of all the busy work and a select few get to while away their years pondering the great secrets of the universe and getting 100% completion on the new Red Dead game with nary a concern outside of those activities. In which case most of us, myself included, have elected to be willing participants of the robot race to the think tanks of the planet based on self-imposed limitations. And no, as I sit here typing this litany of discontent upon my RENTED SHITTER the irony of being dissatisfied with my life is not lost on me.  I like things that make life easier because then I have more time to do things that make me happy, which, most of the time, are constructive and serve to better myself and prepare my soul for the next stage of enlightenment. (Which I believe to be ultimately, if not subliminally, the goal of all mankind.) That being said there are certain activities that I am predisposed to that I could argue are counterintuitive to the previous point of efficiency. Namely, and probably in this order, porn, food, and video games. These are things that I frequently have used and still use to get myself excited about having no meaning to my existence. They’re shallow and shameless opiate fixes that are just short-lived enough to make them inconsequential upon immediate examination but ultimately a major detractor from the ultimate quality of life. Now I wouldn’t say that all of these items are completely devoid of any purpose. After all in my philosophy everything, no matter how inconsequential, or evil, still serves to orient us, even minutely, towards the perfect direction. THAT is a topic for another keyboard masher tho. Point? There is none. Less is more as they say, and I hate myself.

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